Hey guys! How's your sunday going. Mine is pretty basic, lazy, am just lying around switching from watching a movie to reading a book to pressing my phone lol. So this post is named, dear salmah salmah's bucket list. I was talking with bae sometime ago and we were sharing our bucket list with each other, he had some interesting ones *wink wink. Anyway i thought it'll be nice to share some of mine with you guys. So this is going to sticky post, because I'm going to be updating it, adding more things and striking off things that i get to do along the line.

My bucket list is long, and half of them are expensive shits lol (i have expensive dreams) But hey! That's why it's a bucket list, who knows someone might off to help me strike one or two off my list.


  1. Get married (obviously)
  2. Learn to speak a foreign language (french or Spanish.. Maybe both)
  3. Register my business
  4. Go on a roadtrip (preferably abroad)
  5. Travel outside the country by sea
  6. Visit Dubia alone
  7. Travel solo to a non English speaking foreign country
  8. Ride a camel
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Have my photo on the cover of a magazine
  11. Have my photo/article published in a magazine
  12. Publish my book(s)
  13. Live abroad for at least a year
  14. Visit all seven continents
  15. Have a photoshoot with a renowned photographer
  16. Go snorkeling
  17. Visit the great wall of china
  18. Go to mecca (hajj)
  19. See the mona lisa (any dan brown fan?)
  20. Sing in front of an audience (for fun)
  21. Take a hot air balloon ride
  22. Have a baby (or 3)
  23. Meet a world leader
  24. Ride a gondola in venice
  25. Receive a fan letter/mail
  26. Attend a black tie event
  27. Sing a karaoke duet
  28. Attend a carnival
  29. Go to an all white party (serious)
  30. Win an award
  31. See an opera
  32. Have sex in a foreign country (with my husband)
  33. " " " in a restaurant bathroom (Don't judge)
  34. Go on a boat cruise
  35. Learn to swim perfectly
  36. See the pyramids (in Egypt)
  37. Be on set of a movie
  38. Talk on TED talk live
  39. Get a professional full body massage
  40. Go on a leisure trip for a week in a foreign country
  41. Learn to use chopsticks
  42. Start a charity organization for young women on the streets
  43. Start my own beauty/skincare line
  44. Go on a diet and stick to it
  45. Achieve my desired weight
  46. Shoot a gun
  47. Visit a castle
  48. Attend a celebrity event
  49. Visit the french quarter, New Orleans (who else watches the originals)
  50. Visit time square
  51. Visit greece
  52. Pray in the blue mosque, turkey
  53. Make a donation that will impact someone's (people's) lives greatly
  54. Learn to play a musical instrument
  55. Attend an indian wedding in india
  56. Visit wild life (South Africa)
  57. Own a walk in closet (husband.. Take note)
  58. Fly first class
  59. Take a trip to a foreign country (with my mom alone)
  60. Receive a genuine long love letter
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Wheew. .okay this was a long and almost unrealistic list, but people do this stuffs, and they don't have two heads, so do i think i would be able to do all this, probably not, but I'm i going to try? Hell yes! Tell me things from your own bucket list in the comment section below.

Let's interact...

Do you have a bucket list? What's number one on your bucket list? Is there anything similar to one of yours in my list? Tell me below!

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  • Salmah says:

    Pretty straight to the point and totally doable. Thanks for reading.

  • Oreoluwa says:

    Cool list. My list would be visit Korea(Seoul), learn 5 languages including Korean,eat ramen and black bean noodles, visit Disneyland, Eiffel tower, and Hawaii.

  • labakeany says:

    I want all on your bucket list and more. Sex in the bathroom for me would be in the fancy restaurant ladies, I think that’s much fun. I think I’d love to make babies in every country I visit, dunno how many kids that would be ??.

  • Salmah says:

    ? that would be a lot of children lol. Yh.. Sex in the bathroom definitely has to be somewhere fancy

  • Salmah says:

    Desmond.. I v no comment for you oo

  • Salmah says:

    Lol. You could start working on your list. It's never too late dear

  • Salmah says:

    Sex in the bahamas.. Sounds really fun.. Adding dt to my list

  • Salmah says:

    Amen. Tnx mercy

  • Vincent Desmond says:

    Girl!!! I want basically everything on your bucket list!!!! Like wow too similar. I’m just obsessed with New Orleans and I want a professional Body massage etc This bucket list is too apt

  • Gracie says:

    Now that's some bucket list. This just confirmed that I am such a bore. No bucket list o. Lol. See my life.
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  • Miss B says:

    Wow interesting,definitely shooting ä gun, all white party, ve sex in the Bahamas, speak foreign language lols...alot more

  • Mercy says:

    I love your bucket list, I will want to have it as mine and add more. I pray our dreams come to reality

  • Salmah says:

    Amen oo.. To all our dreams coming true

  • Salmah says:

    Yh. Kissing at midnight on new year's eve is also something i would love very much!

  • Salmah says:

    Heheheh.. Danie oo. Please liv my bae alone oo. ? abeg

  • daniella says:

    Awwwwww, this is more like bucket list and goals put together. I'm routing for you girl, very soon, you will shine. Infact, you're shining already. We have some in common like visiting Dubai, Starting a line but don't think mine will be cosmetics, registering my business too. Sponsor my mom on a trip abroad, travel first class for sure, attend a celeb event and much more. ME I will talk o, everything we hear on this blog now is your bae, your bae.... lol xx

    How To Slay Without Spending Too Much (Outfits & Clothing)

  • Amina says:

    Omg! I love your bucket list and I want to do almost everything on the list. I love the idea of seeing the French quarter especially ??? what I will add is kissing my love at the stroke of midnight in Times square and also owning my own house (hopefully a mansion?) well done o. I pray all your dreams come true.