About this floral ensemble I'm wearing here, I know we do not have spring in Nigeria, but I'm feeling good, and happier and this is the raining season right? When the sun is high but the wind is cool during the day, and it gets cloudy and wet at night, i cannot think of any better time to get creative and colorful, lots of greens and yellows and floral are what I'm embracing this season. Can you peep my floral crown.. i love it too.



The past 3 months were not easy for me, if you read my previous blog,  you'd know about my struggles with depression (long story) After living on and off with depression for the most of last year, things started to get manageable towards the year end and i thought that was it but i suffered a relapse and became seriously depressed sometimes around February and then it was on and off in the month of March, but April had been a relatively stable and positive month. These past months have been a testing period, i tried to balance work, family and my personal life all the while struggling to keep my sanity in check, (story for another day) i think it's finally time for me to return to the blogosphere.


Between, it's been a year since i started blogging but i was so depressed and i felt like i had achieved Nothing so i didn't celebrate. But i was wrong, back to my senses, i know that now, and I'll be celebrating with a giveaway soon. Keep an eye out.
2017 is already looking bright for me, so much positivity around me, so much good vibes, i do not plan on having any relapse (insha Allah) i have so many plans that I'm going to actually execute in this year, so much in store for this blog and you, Infact it's safe to say we are going to have a fantabulous 2017 so just stick around, subscribe, share a link or two, and get ready to be entertained, educated and empowered.




Can you see how I'm smiling in all the pictures, it's not just for posing, i was having a great time with no care in the world, that's how the rest of my (and your) 2017 will be, smiling and laughing and been productive all year round. Anyways, in a bit to overcome all that has been going on with me and be a happy person, I came to learn a thing or two about this elusive state of happiness everyone wishes for, so here are five things to do in other to be happier in 2017

  1. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY:  For negative vibes from within, this is easier said than done. Especially for someone like me who is in a constant struggle with depression. But trust me, once you master the techniques of quelling negative thoughts (yoga, meditation, reading a book) whatever works for you. It becomes easier to challenge such thoughts and keep them at bay. And if you are having negative people around you, it's best to cut them off. Or at the very least, tell them off, remove yourself from spaces with negative energy. Negativity will only hinder your journey on becoming a happier you.
  2. FRIENDSHIP: You know how they say you can't do it alone, that is so true. Close friendship with people who care for you and understand you will tackle the problem of loneliness. Support from genuine friendships go a long way in difficult times, you can be happier simply by having them around.
  3. MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES: No, you are not allowed to wallow in bed all day. People are happier when they are doing something meaningful. (studies show) So read a book, put in the effort to do better at work or school, have a spring cleaning. Stay meaningfully busy.
  4. CULTIVATE GRATITUDE: Can i stress this enough?  We need to be more grateful in life. Instead of remaining bitter about things that are yet to work out, be grateful for things that are good. (eg; you are alive) In other to become happier, been grateful is essential. It promotes contentment, which in turn promotes happiness.
  5. FORGIVENESS: Who saw that one coming? Holding a grudge is both physically and mentally draining. Instead of nursing grievance, you can choose to forgive and move on to a happier place. Am not just talking about people who wrong us only. Even ourselves, sometimes we put so much pressure on our self and feel disappointed when we do not meet our own standards. Learn to forgive yourself for your shortcomings in other to look ahead and do better.
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You can choose to be happier, by simply making the necessary efforts to monitor how your mind works.

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I didn't take a lot of pictures on this day and certainly didn't take full up close for y'all to really see the details of the dress. I was to busy having fun, crossing the road and hailing taxis,(The taxi man almost beat us up for taking this shot)

This is now kinda my favorite dress in my wardrobe, you'll b seeing lots of it very soon. With details.


Dress-Neiman marcus

Shoes- Zara

Bag- Market buy

Turban- Instagram shop


Let's interact...

How do you stay positive in negative times? Have you had troubles with anxiety or depression? How did you cope with them?


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  • Salmah says:

    sure, you're welcome

  • Paige_kwen says:

    Awwm m loving this interactive page.well.i do have some negative vibe atimes, it really really does way me down.and thanks for the tips on how to stay positive

  • Funmilayo says:

    Love all I read here. Expecting newsletters from you n I’ll definitely come back frequently

  • Salmah says:

    Fumilayo. You just made my day! Thanks a lot ?

  • Ytee says:

    Thank you for sharing this. From a personal view I must admit that it takes a whole lot to overcome negative vibes. Still a work -in -progress though. And yes the floral look is ???. Patiently waiting for the giveaway ?

  • Salmah says:

    Ytee.. It's coming up real soon luv. Tnx fr comin

  • Salmah says:

    danie ooo, am so glad to have you back, thank you so much for checking things out around here, and thankx for the compliments

  • Danie says:

    Okay, I love everything about this post. Your realness, honesty and positive vibes. Your smile is heart melting. Thanks for sharing all that with us. I love that dress and I want to steal that bag. Will it be part of the giveaway, lol! Congratulations on your blog anniversary. It's so easy to feel like we have achieved nothing especially when you look around and see what other bloggers are up to but like you said, take away every form off negativity and keep planning and executing those plans. Glad to have you back girl!

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  • Salmah says:

    Thanks for stopping by

  • Misykona says:

    Loving this floral look.. And the tips? Really helpful.

  • Salmah says:

    Amin ya rab. Tnx dear

  • Salmah says:

    Yes, tnkx

  • Hadiza French says:

    Welcome back dear! And yes you’re right. Positive Vibes Only!!!✌?

  • Leema says:

    Finally!!!!! She is back!!!! May Allah ease all your affair dear.

  • Salmah says:

    masha Allah, tank you amina, am glad to be back

  • Salmah says:

    smiles. thank you precious

  • precious styles says:

    Nice I love this

  • Aminatawa says:

    It's good to have you back Salmah. May Allah ease our burden, we are all dealing with different things. When you feel that things are going down just remember this Question verse. "Allah does not burden a person beyond what he can bear." So no matter what it is you can deal with it.