This is a collaborative post between tbp x winnys meals restaurant Abuja. If you were following my last blog, you would know about my love for eating out, and how i wanted to have a directory on my blog for restaurants where people could find good dining in Abuja.
Well, the perfect opportunity for me to launch said project on my new blog arrived when thebloggerpoint invited me to a private blogger tasters event last week at winnys meals restaurant in asokoro, Abuja. This event was to hold about 10 bloggers for networking session and food tasting (obviously)
Let me get right to it..



No 8, kwameh mkrumeh street, asokoro, Abuja. Also in lagos at house 32, 2nd avenue road, festac town, Lagos.

Their address In abuja here is very easy to find, right on the road, a bright yellow building with the name of the restaurant boldly written in red blocks.(can't miss that) Inside there is the basic fast-food with Nigeria delicacies, with the casual atmosphere that usually surrounds eatreys, there is a little sitting area where you can eat or wait for your food to be packed.
The walls are covered with portraits of important members of the society, people who made world, i absolutely love this part of the restaurant, i was enthralled.. Nothing hooks me faster than a place with a little depths..
Upstairs is the refined Chinese restaurant, a more formal and more cozy setting, perfect for dates and meetings. The decor of course had a lot of paper lanterns, artistic screen doors and lots of red red red. #thinkchina. There was great music (is it just me that love restaurants that pay attention to music) and an extensive collection of fine wines and drinks at the bar.



I was representing thebloggerpoint on this day and co hosted the event with the amazing grace of gafanation.
Oh lord have mercy, We had fun, we discussed so much in so little time, shared so much, from fashion to lifestyle to racism to social change and advancement, nothing was left out.. even @Ghaffarrabiu (my photographer) was not left out in the fun.

All thoughts and opinion are mine and are genuine and has not been influenced by the situation (free food) or anyone.


Clean and warm, everything was in place. Good ambience, great music.



Polite and considerate, everything was attended to swiftly, and staffs were friendly and available.


So, if you know me or read my other blog, you know how much i love Chinese food, am always interested in Chinese food. Chapman was served first before the food arrived.

A two course meal

What was served:
1. Beef stew
2. Mixed vegetables salad (and winnys specially made cream)
3. Spring rolls
4. Deep fried king prawns

Main course..
1. Shredded beef sauce
2. Shrimps in Chile sauce
3. Mixed meat and seafood sauce
4. Special vegetable fried rice
5. Mixed Chinese fried noodles
*i didn't bother for starters cause i eat very little*
Shrimps in Chile sauce, mix meat and seafood sauce, shredded beef sauce, special vegetable fried rice and mixed vegetables salad


Now, in my plate, everything was superb, i loved the salad, i loved the rice (although i think it had more Nigerian influence than Chinese) nevertheless it was delicious. The sauces i felt all had too similar tastes, and one could not tell one from the other except you were really paying attention. They were delicious nonetheless.
*People who had the noodles noted that the they were too soggy but i think traditional Chinese noodles were used and not our indomie noodles that we are so used to, hence the difference.
* There were mixed feelings about the beef stew, but lilian really loved it.
As for the spring rolls and fried prawns, y'all know those can do no wrong.


IMG_1920_mr1493305143277_mh1493306139541I tried to use the chopsticks and failed miserably.

I took a peek at their menu and i saw a lot of familiar foods that i enjoy, the prices were reasonable and for such an impeccable service, I'm definitely going back there, maybe even with hadiza of hadizafrench (No, am not her lover) lol
We just like to enjoy good dining together.
I want to say thank you to thebloggerpoint for making aware to me (and others) this fab place and a big thank you too, to @winnysmeals for having us.


Are you in Abuja or visiting Abuja any time? Do you love Chinese food or just plain old Nigerian and continental meals? Please visit @winnysmeals i'd like to know about your experience.

Let's interact..
What are your thoughts about Chinese food?  Can you handle using a chopsticks?



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  • Salmah says:

    Tnx kingsley.. It was an amazing experience.

  • Kene Kingsley says:

    The photography is amazing.
    and sure it must have been an amazing experience too

    Kené | http://www.kenekingsley.com

  • Salmah says:

    lol, do and come back to Nigeria, so many events waiting for you to attend.

  • Danie says:

    My mouth is watering and tummy churning as I'm going through this post. I'm suddenly hungry. Oh my God! I want to attend a bloggers tasting event too. I see some familiar bloggers. The photos are beautiful. xx

    What I'd Wear For A Romantic Date Night With Bae! Ft. Adore Me

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks dear..

  • Larisa says:

    Lovely review!!!! And omg the pictures are so nice ??

  • Styledcolorfully says:

    Lovely review and beautiful pictures
    Your photography did a great job and I would really love to visit winny’s meal again

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks for stopping by dear

  • Salmah says:

    thanks halee

  • Haleemat says:

    Wow food looking good.. It's nice to have you back salmah.