And the winner of the book Queen of ice by Aminat Sanni Kamal is....

Before we get into it, i'd just like to thank everyone who participated, thank you all so much. And if you are not the winner, don't worry, there are so many more giveaways coming up, i promise. You may win next time so stay tuned.

Like i said, my giveaway is divided into three parts and the winner of this one will be announced before the end of this post but now I'm going to open the second one.

All my book lovers.. Raise your hands..

I'm going to be giving away three copies of  'queen of ice' written by Aminat Sanni Kamal of Aminatawastories to three of my book loving followers. While i want to go ahead and write long epistle about this book, i shall not. Ok. Maybe i will. Just a little.

Aminat is my friend, a blogger and a woman who knows her stuff, this is one of the few writers i know who not only has dedication and passion but also talent. She writes like a dream, and am not just saying this cause she is my friend, she is a writer who knows how to write and what to write about. When i read this book, i was so proud to know someone like Amina.

It touches on such sensitive issues that most of us in the society are too scared to talk about.

According to debbie of debwritesblog.  This are the themes she penned down... ?

Parental love: King Adebayo Adekitan, parental love to her daughter was second to none. He played both the role of a mother and father to his only child in the most loving way, showing that a child can get the care and love she deserves in life with one parent too.


Slave Trade: Slave trade has been an history in Africa. And this was also portrayed in the book in the ancient Eruoledomo kingdom. The waging of war against them and winning shows that when we unite as one against forces, we can conquer.

Child abuse/Polygamy: Child abuse in polygamy are like two Siamese twin, especially in a typical African home where love is missing. The ancient Ademolawa princess never enjoyed her childhood because of her evil step mother who sees her as nothing but a threat in her home. She tried everything to kill her until her father was left with no choice but to take her out of the kingdom which almost led to her death.

Modern vs Traditional Monarchy system: Aminatawa paints the difference between the modern and traditional monarchy system with the use of laws, customs, way of life, wars and common beliefs.

Rebirth: I’ve read quite a number of story about rebirth in Africa. While we’ve seen and heard of these, many of us have failed to agree this exist. Aminatawa however, recreates this in her fiction and I was force to agree with her that we do have reincarnation and rebirth in Africa, call me myopic ?more like a doppelgänger kindda thing…

Gender Equality: where a woman is free to do what she wishes and no job is stereotyped as strictly for male as portrayed through the people of Irepodun

Read full review of this book on debbie's blog by clicking HERE. 

Now that you know the things that are tackled in this book.. You may be really eager to read right? Well i got you covered! This book is available on okadabooks app. All you need to do is download the app okadabooks and search 'queen of ice' as easy as that. Like i said earlier, i will also be giving out three copies of this book to three of my blog readers. All you need to do is

  1. Download the okadabooks app
  2. Register or sign in
  3. Indicate you are interested by living a comment either on the blog or on my instagram page @dearsalmah_ and using the hashtag #dearsalmahgiveaway2
  4. I will choose winners based on first come first serve (so the earlier you download and indicate, the better) 

Good luck everyone. 

And now, what you have all been waiting for... The winner of the #dearsalmahgiveaway1 fot the peruvian hair is

Please contact me on instagram for details.

Thank you all for participating and don't forget, another giveaway coming up, and it's going to be big! 


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