So i got a lotta request to show i tie my turban (I'm looking at you danie, mary, ummie, becky, Zeenat) and others that i didn't mention. So the turban I use most of the time is that sorta turban that's already sewn (my mom got them for me) i think i have them in about ten colors and I happily rotate them to suit my outfit.


Today's tutorial is a pictorial cause I'm having so much technical difficulties and i still haven't found my way around shooting a professional video (but in a bit, i definitely will real soon) so yeah, a pictorial, this style of tying a turban is the most requested (probably bcuz it's d one i wear all the time) frankly it's the most basic and simple, also my favorite because who has time for complicated stuffs. I wear this style a lot like in this style post Here and this one Here

P. S there are so many other ways to tie pre sewn turban, please let me know if you would like to see more styles and also if you would like to see a tutorial using a veil or something..

Let's get into it..

  • So first i start with wearing an undercap(totally optional if your hair has volume, just bundle it into a bun or something at the back) the undercap am using here has some sorta rope so i just tuck it into the cap.


  • Next i just wear the turban., from behind so it doesn't scattered my undercap and because i just have more control with the placement.


  • Next up is to drag out the remaining piece of cloth.. Hold it out by your right and just kinda stretch it (i always go right, but it's totally ok to go left)


  • Then flip it on top your head, making sure it overlaps the piece that has been laid while wearing and bring it round to the left side, there should still be a little piece remaining, flip it again to the back and tuck the extra into the folds created.


  • Then come to the front and just play with it, tuck extra pieces in, make sure the folds are over lapping each other and then push it backwards a little.


  • And that's it.. Turban done.. (make sure its securely tucked in at the back to avoid it loosing.


I hope this is really helpful, promise to get around making a video tutorial soon, if you pay attention and look at pictures for reference, you will get it in no time, this method and style isn't hard at all.

I would like to point out that i have had both Muslims and christain friends and readers request for this so it don't matter if you are either, a turban is a fashion staple in 2017 regardless of religious orientation and if you don't already have a turban in your wardrobe, drop everything you are doing and go buy one or ten right now.


Turbans are perfect for bad hair day, when you want to look effortlessly chic, if you don't wear it often you can wear it on a day you want to look different, or when you are going somewhere that requires you to cover your head, maybe church or you want to look put together for a wedding or event.. So many reasons to wear a turban i could go on and on.. Even toke makinwa, adesuwa etomi, tonto dikeh and all our favorite nollywood actors and TV personalities love wearing turbans (if you need more reasons to own one) Lol..  #okaybye.


Let's interact...

Was this pictorial helpful? Would you like to see more tutorial posts? Tell me below!


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  • daniella says:

    Lol, okay hun. Will see what I can do, xx

  • Salmah says:

    I will try and rectify the mail issue debs. Tnx for reading, just remember the practice makes perfect rule and you will perfect your signature turban rule in no time!

  • Debs says:

    I should have seen this when I got a turban last week (Still dunno why I don't get email alert when you share a post not until you send emails with Mailchimp ?‍♀️)

    Turbans are really so chic and I'm on my way to buying more?

    This tutorial also helped cos I really struggled with how to end it but I somehow managed to eventually.

  • Salmah says:

    Lol. Do and com bk to Nigeria.. Plenty turbans waiting for you

  • Daniella says:

    Thanks Salmah or this. It doesn't look so difficult and the pictorial is actually very detailed. Now to get my hands on turban.

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  • Salmah says:

    Soon dear, i will definitely put them up really soon

  • Salmah says:

    I will do one soon

  • Jumoke says:

    it truly is harder than it looks, trust me i have tried, my own comes out looking like i have a basket on my head

  • Jumoke says:

    and when are you putting back old posts from your old blog, they were some of my best reads

  • Jumoke says:


  • Jumoke says:

    It woll be nice if you do a post on acne, i have been waiting for the post since from your other blog

  • Salmah says:

    Awww tnx.. Am actually considering doing a post on my acne and post acne care so watch out

  • Salmah says:

    Lol. Practice makes perfect. Tnx fr reading

  • Salmah says:

    Yeah, as long as it is pre sewn then the process is the same but if you get one that hasn't already been sewn into a cap, then it's a bit tricky. but i'll be posting a tutorial for that soon

  • Salmah says:

    Your welcome

  • Miss B says:

    Got it. .tanks

  • Mary says:

    lol true all the celebrities are wearing turbans, does the same rule apply with those lacy beaded turbans?

  • Nafisat says:

    love the pictorial, very nice, it looks easier than it really is though

  • Jumoke says:

    Wow. U look really good without makeup, please what did you use to treat your acne

  • Salmah says:

    Am glad it was, thanks for reading

  • Zeenat says:

    Wow. Thanks salmah, this was really helpful. The problem is no matter how hard i try mine never looks so tidy and the back is always upright.