Oh hey guys.. Hows the Ramadan going. And the rain. I just wanted to share with you guys the first installment from my Eid 2017 lookbook Traditional in lace and ankara.

Old readers, y'all know haleema na.. From leemlarh.com My all time blogger bestie all the way from back in the days of totaldramaqueen, all the Collabo that we did, even one that landed us on the bloggerpoint magazine which you can still find HERE. So typically in Nigeria here, the first day of Eid is usually celebrated wearing traditional attires (which translates to either lace or ankara) because this is the day we go for eid prayers and also the day for visiting long lost family members! (you don't want all those aunties all up in your business so better to stay safe by wearing ankara.  Or lace.) Remember i talked about them from my Eid inspired makeup on this post? Back to the outfits, Haleema went with ankara, and i decided to go with lace. Before i go into the details of this outfit, i want to tell you guys a story. It's a story surrounding how i came about this lace! It's a really long story but I'll try and keep it short.

The story of this lace is actually a very funny or annoying story depending on your perspective. So earlier this year, there was this guy that was toasting me (lol) i was busy playing hard to get but i actually started to like him, i wasn't in abuja at that time and so we were always talking on phone and chatting and stuffs. (He actually works were i work, he is sorta my oga but not directly, azin i don't work under him) *lol that sounded a bit more weird than i intended* anyways, while i was away, we were talking and chatting and stuffs and i had begun to fall for him o, only for me to return and hear that he was getting married. WHAT?  yep! He was getting married o, i asked him but he denied it, kept denying it and i kept believing him and going along feeling myself thinking i was about to land myself a boyfriend, until the wedding card came out and date was set and i was staring at it korokoro! Turns out he was truly getting married and not just that, he was marrying another girl from work! Infact she works with me (we all work at the same place!) imagine how awkward that was. 


Anyway, when i finally found out first hand, i was surprised and a bit dumbfounded at my foolishness for believing him and not giving the rumors a second thought but i kept my cool, i didnt get angry, instead i just reminded myself again what men were capable of doing, took it as a lesson and gracefully congratulated him. He didn't even have the decency to apologize. (infact he kept flirting with me)
When the asoebi came out, the bride of course told me about it and gushed about it and asked me to buy as i was surely part of her friends train (i don't think so)  i just shrugged it off and told her i would try, because i honestly had no intention to attend  the wedding, but this guy had the nerves to come and start chatting me up again, saying hope I'm coming for the wedding, he can't wait to see me and stuffs like that, pretending, as if it was not just a week before he was busy telling me how much he wanted to be with me.

The asoebi was of two kinds, the one for the bridesmaids and friends A.K.A "the cheaper one" and the one for the madams and mummies of the day A.K.A "the lace", so i decided to buy the lace Because I'm a madam and attend the wedding in a stunning body fitting style and rub all this goodness in his face, show him what he'd missed out on. I carried my lace to tailor and i said "sew for me bad style, serious low back, let it fit me like a second skin" and after all my noise, this is the supposed hot dress my tailor made for me to use to go and scatter the brains of my "would have been boyfriend" that deceived me. At the end of the day, i decided against attending the wedding cause i felt it was not worth it and even though the bride was sorely dissapointed, i didn't want to go now and the groom will now stand up and leave her and start to follow me again because check me out ? lol.


So the lace remained in my wardrobe  untouched until haleema came and said, Salmah, what are we wearing for Eid? Then i remembered i have this and i thought bAM!  Isn't this a perfect dress for Eid? I would totally rock this look for Eid. And so the Eid 2017 lookbook Traditional in lace and ankara

Biko kindly visit leema's blog HERE to see her outfit details and the story behind the ankara outfit she put together for our Eid 2017 lookbook Traditional in lace and ankara.

My outfit details

French lace (asoebi)

Mom's jewelry

Random shoe (can't remember where i got it)

Bag from Lagos island market

PS: If you are in Abuja and you are looking for a swift and relaible tailor, hit me up and i'll hook u up. Thank you for reading, please don't forget to leave a comment.

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Let's interact..

What would you wear for Eid or Christmas this year? If you were in my shoes, what would you have done about the deceiving "could have been boyfriend"?

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  • Salmah says:

    Lol.. Please do o. Even i really wanted to tell the bride, but i just couldn't bring myself to!

  • Debs says:

    I would explain to the bride why I did not come to her wedding...scratch that, I really would not have the heart to make another woman cry. But it's pathetic though!

    Please the outfit is all I see. And I'm coming back for your designer's contact...

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks dear. And yep. Men will forever be men

  • Haleema Salau says:

    Hmmm..Men will always be men,just few good ones exist…U really look good on the lace?

  • Salmah says:

    Lol. Hmm. I seriously feel sorry for the girl o, just that i have to mind my business, can't be the reason for their problems abeg. Thanks for reading dear.

  • Daniella says:

    Hmnnnnn..... fuck boy of the highest order. Before they're even married, he's already looking elsewhere nawao! What's going to happen as the days go by? I low key feel sorry for his wife. Men sha! Anyways you're feeling yourself in this dress oo...... slayer

  • Salmah says:

    Lol.. Abhi o.. Tnx a lot sister

  • Barakah says:

    He is the other guy (worth Nothing)….can we move on to the dress please…..stunning! ?

  • Salmah says:

    Lol. Thanks ameera. It just wasn't worth it dear.

  • Ameera says:

    Lol. I would have gone ahead and go and scatter the wedding oo.. Mumu shild! Salmah, you are too good and too pretty.

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks felicia o.. Funny but true story

  • Salmah says:

    Lol. Tnx larisa dear. ?

  • Larisa says:

    Omg the story, some guys are scum loll I wish u actually went there with the bad ass dress To show him pepper ? Lol its fine tho. Love the dress and have an amazing celebration.

  • Felicia says:

    lol funny story. But you are right, you do look stunning in that dress. Nice post!