The corset trend is something I've always loved but have always been a bit skeptical about it for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I thought of how it would be perceived. Nigerians act really funny when they see something new. And by act funny, I mean judgemental. Secondly, I also needed to think about how my body felt and how comfortable it would be for me. And lastly, most Importantly, i thought of how I was going to pull it off without stretching my principles to a breaking point! Cause while I loved seeing this trend on people, I definitely had a sense of boundary as to how I could wear it and on what occasion.

corset trend
Anyway, I finally just said f it and went ahead to try it cause you gotta do what you'll love to do. In my opinion, it turned out pretty well. I wore this to the bank and to the mall. I got a lot of compliments and weird stares! Some looked shocked and others confused, a few angry stares but mostly just admiration, I received a lot of love on this look. But most importantly is how I felt about this look, and I think I loved my take on it eventually and I certainly loved how it turned out. Tell me what you think.

corset trend
corset trend
corset trend
corset trend
corset trend
corset trendcorset trendcorset trend
corset trend
corset trend
Similar shirt Here. Similar jeans Here. Similar bag Here. Similar shoes Here. Corset Here.

If you are thinking you have seen this shirt before, you are absolutely right, I've styled this shirt on the blog before in this post Here.

So my mom took one look at me in this outfit and fell in love with me over again, she looked at me and told me how glad she was that I'm her daughter, she was gushing on and on about how beautiful and loved I am and it got me thinking, everyone should gush on about me like this. At least everyone who is someone in my life. I should be as important to people as they are to me. And I am.


Oh how I feel a fool when I remember the days when I thought I was okay been second place. Been the second choice. Those days of "let's just take things slow" "let's do this one step at a time" I believed those words, trusted they were the right words, what's the hurry, we should never rush love. Never rush friendships. Lol. There are so many reasons, so many excuses.

I've been hurt badly.. I need space.. I'm just not ready.. what's the hurry.. my best friend just died.. I'm scared of commitments.. 

I've heard them all. Used them even. I've been there and I've done that and I have come to realize that I'm not a plan B kinda girl, I'm not a substitute, I'm not average, I am no one's second choice and you should not accept to be either.

I wish I had realized this sooner, I wish someone had told me, I would have avoided a lot of mistakes, I would have averted a lot of hurt and pain, but I don't regret not knowing, I don't regret all I've gone through. Cause at the end, it helped me realize this.

I am a first pick kinda girl. I'm a catch. 


And everyone knows that the good things always get picked first. And fast.


You should not and do not have to finish last, you don't have to be picked last or loved last, you are not the friend that gets called when the best friend is unavailable, you are not the lover that shows up because the important one is angry. You deserve to be number one. You should be on the front row and you should let everyone know it.


You deserve family, friends and lovers who gush on about you and who are happy and grateful to have you. Stop being afraid that you are not worthy enough because frankly, you are. God made us all to be just enough, not too little and certainly not too much.

It all starts with self love! If you learn to love yourself the way you are made, grow the way you should be, shape your mind body and soul towards its full potentials. Then no one else would dare disrespect you by making you anything less than a priority.

Do not believe the lie that says you should not set your standards too high, you know what you have to offer, put it on the table and strike out anyone that dares to hesitate.

corset trend

Shoes: Atmosphere similar Here.

Jeans: similar Here.

Shirt: Thrifted brand new similar Here.

Corset: Unbranded from Konga Here.

Bag: Similar Here.

That's it for today guys! Tell me below


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  • Maryam says:

    This is so beautiful

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks blessing! You are absolutely ryt!

  • Blessed says:

    The best thing I I've read all day! This post is too legit. Honestly, gone are the days when you waste your time on meaningless friendships and relationships! Everyone got to stay woke! And this outfit is on fire!

  • Salmah says:

    Larisa! Thank you so much! Please try it, with your figure, it will look fabulous! Thanks for reading and you are so welcome

  • Salmah says:

    Awwww tnx aminat! Please do and definitely tag me on pictures when you do.

  • Salmah says:

    That's what I thought too! But I actually don't mind wearing it outside my clothes, I'm definitely going to be playing with it some more, styling it differently! Thanks Olivia.

  • Iyene-emi Dokubo (Olivia Sose) says:

    I absolutely love this look and I might try it out but I took the corset was supposed to be worn as a lingerie - an inner wear.
    I still love how it you paid it up with the shirt and jeans. Perfect.

  • lajut says:

    Salmahhhh love it!!! Lol at angry stares ? Trust some Nigerians and being judgmental, I love this look and always wanted to try this look and I deff will soon, Thanks for the inspo.

  • Aminat says:

    OMG salmah!! How is one person so gorgeous, I love love this look , this is my favorite look of yours so far, I'm definitely going to try and recreate something like this. Did I mention this is gorgeous!