EID is here again and I can't lie, I am feeling totally uninspired and zoned out from the world. I just want to be alone and I can't figure out why! I pray something happens real soon and I get my groove back on. So the holidays are meant to be celebrated with family and friends and all but sometimes you need to have a moment on your own. I mean family time is great and all but if you are like me, towards evening, you may start to grow tired of the constant poke nosing of all the extended family members you only see once a year and all the screams and howls of adorable little children. And so, sometimes, a little while into the celebrations, one needs some alone time. So, I'm just going to share the two Eid inspired looks I came up with plus a few tips as to what you can do alone this Eid to treat yourself.

PS: These are the things I'd be doing myself so.. anyone wants to join me? + this is not just for muslims, it's still a public holiday for Christians and others so if you're not celebrating Eid, you can still go ahead and utilize the free time by getting a much deserving alone time and treating yourself.

Let's get to it

  • SPA: Visiting a spa for some relaxing massage and mani pedi has got to be a sure way to treat yourself! Plus time flies so fast when you are at the spa, and before you know it, the day is over. And nothing like a good release to get you back in the zone with the world.
  • MOVIE NIGHT: Nope, not at the cinema with loads of people. But alone, in your dark bedroom! It works best if you watch movies you have watched before, comedy, drama, whatever tickles your fancy! Friends is one of my favorite series and that's probably what I'll be watching again!
  • TALK TO YOUR LOVER: For those of you who have one (myself included) just cause you don't want to be around people don't mean you cannot talk to them. Talk to your loved ones or lover, follow up on his/her day, find out if they are having fun too.
  • AROMATHERAPY: Light some scented candles (or in my case, some incense) play some romantic music, lay in the dark and just let your body and mind absorb your surroundings! Positive thoughts only, do some reminiscing!
  • HAVE A PICNIC: If there's a park close to you, you can grab some of those festive foods and head to the park, spend some time with yourself, get in touch with nature, breath, eat and breath some more.
  • READ A BOOK: Or in my case books. I've got a couple of books lined up for the holiday and you would definitely find me reading them, if you are a book lover then by all means, buy some new books and get lost in them! Time flies when you are living in a book!
  • SLEEP: Probably one of my favorite activity in the world! After eating. You can't go wrong with sleep! Just sleep through the entire holiday, wake up, eat, bath if you like and sleep again. And you will wake up after the holiday looking fabulous, refreshed and fresh. And possibly a little fat so if you are watching your weight, this one is not for you. Don't say I didn't warn you o.

That's it guys! These are the things am recommending and they are the things I'd be doing too!

Now check out the looks and tell me what you think about them.

For the first look I channeled my edginess while keeping it appropriately enough for Eid in a yellow custom made kimono and pants and a camisole.

You can wear it opened up like this at night to chill or hang out and covered up by using either a belt or a brooch to secure it during the day, when all the nosey family members are around. Or when going to the mosque or going to visit family friends.

I chose to use a belt! Because honestly I've had this belt forever and I'm finally putting it to good use.

For the second look, my aim was to channel simplicity plus elegance! I went with a maxi dress in a matured color according to my mom! And a maroon turban tied simply.

Did I nail it or nah? What's your take?

I'd like it very much if you can leave a comment, tell me below.

Yellow kimono; Custom made

Pants; Unbranded from Ebay. Similar in Nigeria Here

Camisole; Forgotten. Similar in Nigeria Here

Dress; Turkish Neva style. Similar in Nigeria Here.


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  • RIFAT says:

    Thank you so much for this enlightening post, I have significantly got some thing right here and I will bookmark this page for your next upcoming post.

  • Salmah says:

    It is relaxing dear, very.. plus it's seriously great for encouraging more positivity and positive thoughts! You should definitely try it! Thank u for reading love!

  • Salmah says:

    Please try it! We can twin together, just sleeping for the entire four days holiday is going to leave you weary! Gotta get creative on things to do. Thanks for reading dear

  • Salmah says:

    LOL grace! Am dead. It's because of people like you I included that one. And yes, I understand the kind of work you may do and not feel like it's work! Thank you girl and thank you for reading

  • Grace Gigi says:

    I love alone times. I usually like to lie in bed, read a book or sometimes sew. Im sure that sounds like work but sometimes seeing helps me 'take my mind off things'. So you have lover eh?! Salmah Salmah.

    You pulled off both looks very well. I love the yellow jacket. So chic.


  • toluajg says:

    salmah!!! this is beautiful. I was planning on just sleeping all day and doing nothing but now, I think I'm going to do some of the things you recommended.


  • aminatawa says:

    Salmah Salmah.... It's that Aromatherapy that I'd like to try. It sounds spool relaxing.