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''You don't look like a Nigerian'' he said. He sat down without permission and polluted the air around me with an acrid smell of whiskey and cheap perfume. I didn't smile, I kept pressing my phone, ignoring him, thinking he would take a hint and leave me alone, he didn't.

"Are you from all these Arab countries or shuarab?" He asked. This time he got my attention, I laughed, I look nothing like Arab or whatever, I know this, he knows this and so I laugh and look at him, "NO" I tell him. Maybe he is worth a talk I think to my myself.

He nods and says "it must be your eyes, even if you are Nigerian, your eyes is certainly not Nigerian"  I don't reply but he has my attention now. "What's your name?" He goes on to ask.

I think for a second and then I tell him. "Salmah"

"Sayna?" He cannot pronounce it well.

"S-A-L-M-A- Salma" I spell it out for him

"Ahhh, okay... Salmah, very nice.. very nice, I'm wale"

"Nice to meet you, wale"

He was not even a fine man, he was not ugly, but he wasn't my kinda fine, bald head, bushy beards, his tummy was too big too and he had a funny posture. I sized him up, I couldn't tell if he was rich or average, he had a car though, his car keys were dangling from his fingers. One thing was sure, his dress sense was below average, for someone who was already sprouting white hairs everywhere in sight, a short and a body fitting shirt was a "no no" no matter the occasion.


"Are you a student?" This was wale.

"No, I'm a civil servant" I said smugly, that took him by surprise. I like the way it took him by surprise.

"Okay salmah, can I have your number, I'd love to give you a call sometime and perhaps take you out on a date"

"On a date?" He amused me. "Okay then"

I gave him my number and he flashed me.

"Save my number" he said and then he left, just like he came, without permission.

I didn't save his number, I didn't even remember him, he called me that very day at 11:00 pm and wanted to talk. I told him it was late and I needed to sleep, he said he just wanted to find out if I would be free the next day to go out with him, I said yes, I would be free, he promised to call the next day.

Wale called at 1:30 pm the next day, I was driving. "Where are you?" Am coming to gwarimpa now, can you meet me there"

"Okay, where in gwarimpa"

"Uh, my friend's place"

"Your friends's place?"

"Yeah, it's a restaurant at 1st avenue or so"

"Okay, I can meet you, but not immediately, I'm going somewhere right now"

"Okay, me too am just leaving the house, I will call you when I'm there"

"Okay, that's perfect, what's the name of the restaurant?"

"Okay, it's at 1st avenue, the name is ojuelegba"

"Say what?"

"Ojuelegba, ojuelegba restaurant, when I get there I will call you, so that I can direct you to the place"

"Okay, bye."

My friend was beside me all the while me and wale talked on phone. I told her he wanted to take me to a restaurant called 'ojuelegba' what kind of a restaurant is named 'ojuelegba' she said maybe it was just for culture, maybe it was a really nice place. I would google it and see, I said, if it was a sensible place then it would definitely be on google.


It was on google, but it was not a sensible place, it was an "amala" joint. Mind you I said joint, not restaurant, my date was going to take me to an "amala" joint on our first date.

He called again after an hour, I had by then gone to the mall, the conversation went as thus..

"I am at the place now, can you start coming?" Wale said.

"Actually, I can't. I'm at the mall"

"What's happening at the mall? Any better? (Pidgin)

"No, am just shopping for a few things, can you meet me at the mall instead"

"(After five seconds of thinking) uh... okay, let me call you back"

Wale did not call back and I left the mall, typical, he probably thought I wanted to "eat his money" that's why I asked him to the mall. I didn't bother with him, I don't bother with people that think an "amala" joint is the ideal place to take a woman on the first date. He called me the next day again.

"Hello Arabian princess" He sounded happy. No apologies for the previous day.

"Hy" I said unable to hide my irritation.

He didn't seem to notice cause he went on in his merry tune. "Can we meet at that same place today?"

At this point, I'm shook. "Why do we have to meet at that place"

"Ah ah, baby, where do you want us to meet"

Now, I'm completely angry, why was this man calling me baby. That in my opinion was the height of insolence. "You know what? I can't meet you right now, how about later, I'm busy now" I tell him.


"Ahh, baby why later, I have to take my wife to the clinic by 5... can we..."

I interrupt him here.. "Wait, I didn't hear you, what?"

"I said I have to take my wife to the clinic later so now would be better for us to meet"

"You have a wife?...."

What is your one weird toaster experience?

This post is just for the laughs, would you like more posts like this?

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  • Umar says:


  • Salmah says:

    ? ? danie

  • Salmah says:

    You should, this is one of my most read post! Am shook!

  • DateswithDanie says:

    All I have to say is bang dang dang dang ??. I couldn't contain my laughter ?, oshey Arabian princess, I had a similar one some weeks ago maybe I'll try to recall and also write about it.

  • Salmah says:

    Yup! That's what we have to deal with.

  • Funke olotu says:

    Ojuelegba? Amala joint? Really? I will start calling you Arabian princess ????.
    My God!


  • Dee Awata says:

    Wow sad thing is this happens a lot you meet so many types of creeps married creeps loose on the streets

  • Salmah says:

    Me ba? Thank God for the Ojuelegba offer o, if he had taken me somewhere posh, I would have been busy having fun with someone's husband

  • Salmah says:

    ? ? grace oo!!

  • Salmah says:

    See my dear, it was something, the guy sure had guts

  • Salmah says:

    ? it is funny sha, but I didn't find it funny at the time o

  • Grace says:

    Hahahahaha. See the way he casually dropped the fact that he has a wife. Lol baby oops Salmah, sorry you hear.

    Lmao @Ojuelegba

  • skinnybrownie says:

    You are welcome

  • aminatawa says:

    ????I just can't deal... Ojuelegba Amala joint...???

  • aminatawa says:

    ???? my stomach is paining me. I just can't deal. Ojuelegba Amala joint tho...

  • Salmah says:

    ? scum of the century o! He didn't think his being married is a problem, imagine

  • Thereedarh says:

    What weird questions,men are really scum. He has started calling you 'baby' and he already has a wife.
    And yes,please post more of this some girls still don't know their scope.

  • Salmah says:

    Honestly, no shame o, I don't think he expected it to be a problem, it's so sad how single ladies fool around with married men with no intention to marry again. And they don't even think twice.

  • Salmah says:

    ? leemlar you are crazy! Go jhoor

  • leemlar says:

    Ojuelegba girl ???????????

  • lajut says:

    Lmao!!! The guy has a problem and he is not afraid to even say wife, these men have become sth else ??

  • Salmah says:

    A very involved wife from the tell of it! He wasn't even the cousin of a prospect!

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks Susan! I pity their wives mostly! It's so sad the way they are so shameless. May God help us

  • Salmah says:

    ? #apt true Yoruba demon! Was about to ask how you knew he was Yoruba, then I remembered I wrote his name. Thanks for reading maryam

  • Salmah says:

    Like seriously! Good riddance to bad rubbish

  • Salmah says:

    Wow, definitely never encountered a guest house one ? this world is crazy! Thanks for reading brownie

  • skinnybrownie says:

    Lol.. I started to laugh from the part he said your eyes doesn't look Nigerian.
    I totally love the way you described the man, I can see his white hair sef. ??
    Later they will say single girls are savage when it's the married men that will not leave us alone.
    At least he offered to feed you first (amala joint though?) ,some of them will straight out give you address of a guest house or hotel or rent a room in the hopes that the hang out will lead to a bed.

  • meedahsoulfood says:

    Lmaooo. We bless the lord than one went with the wind.

  • Maryam says:

    Hehehe! Yoruba demon, thank God you found out that quickly! Very relaxing to read something different.

  • Susan says:

    OmG I was laughing from start to finish, Nigerian married men won't leave girls alone for the unmarried ones! Nice post girl

  • Debs says:

    ???? What?! He has a wife! Dang!!!??? I'm still laughing...Ojuelegba though?‍♀️ From the outfit sef, he doesn't seem like a prospect!

    Your narration is ??