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Last week, I and a few blogger buddies got invited to a restaurant in Abuja called uncle D’s. I’ve been seeing the restaurant online for a while and I have been meaning to go there,most especially because, they had days in a week where they showed movies, I don’t know if it’s just me but that gave off some sort of foreign down to earth kinda vibe and it caught my attention.
When I was invited to come have a taste of their food/services, I was legit excited. I went with my friends Ummeeta of ummetarabiu.com and Xahrah. It was a movie night at uncle D’s and home alone was the movie showing (in the spirit of the holiday season) We arrived at 7:00 and the movie started promptly, not even a second of delay.

Before I go on to tell y’all about the restaurant, can I just take a minute and discuss the importance of adding value in businesses? Honestly, adding value is so important in this age where almost everything has been done, and is being done. When doing something, especially when its nothing new, the importance of adding value cannot be over emphasized. And that is what uncle D’s did. They added value. While you could go there and have a full course meal, you could choose to also have only breakfast or just pizza and ice cream. You can watch some of your favorite or never before seen movies. If that’s not adding value, I don’t know what is.

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So back to the restaurant..


Uncle D’s is located In the very heart of the city, at no 88 Cappador mall, Wuse.



Very simply, diner kind of decor. See through glass doors, small tables for two(which can be totally put together to make it bigger) longer tables by the corner (for larger groups) an open kitchen (you can literally see your food being made) I really love that idea. There’s a real cozy area too with really comfortable love chairs in case you are out for something romantic with boo.

Extra note: This restaurant has a vibe I really love, it has a community kinda vibe. The kind of place where everyone is family, if you visit today, you won’t be forgotten kinda vibe.


The service was OK, the waitress was a bit slow but the kind manager more than made up for it. We were given complementary popcorn and all our food took less than twenty minutes to arrive (very impressive)


uncle d's

The part we have all been waiting for..

(Please forgive the pictures, it was late and the lighting was not too good and so these are not the best pictures, they don’t do justice at all)

What we ordered..
  • Spicy chicken wings
  • Grilled chicken salad
  • Sole fish in sauce
  • Chinese rice and eggs
  • Beef stir sauce
  • Penne rigate

Yep. All these arrived within twenty minutes. (Shocking)

My friends and I ate everything together, so we each had a taste everything.

Let me just state that these opinions are entirely mine and have not been influenced in any way or by anyone.

I loved the salad. For me, I could eat the salad all day everyday. Dare I say, it was the best chicken salad I’d ever had out. I kept eating it without the sauce until Ummeeta reminded me that there was sauce. That is how good it was. The salad was my highlight and I cannot lie. The salad was 100/10


uncle d's

Spicy chicken wings. Was good, the spicing was rich and generous but the pepper didn’t drive you mad. The chicken was well cooked and easy. Loved it. 8/10

uncle d's

Sole fish. Okay, this was my least favorite item, probably because, I was expecting something else and got something else. The sauce left this after taste in my mouth that I did not appreciate. Xahrah loved it though. I won’t be rating cause I was only able to take two bites.

uncle d's

Chinese rice and eggs, with beef stir sauce. I almost finished the rice without my friends. The beef sauce was something else, the beef was so soft and tender and yet not over cooked, and the sauce was rich and spicy just the way I love it. Foodame has a similar rice recipe here At one point I began to eat all the beef in the sauce. Lol. (Rice 8/10) (Beef sauce 10/10)

Read all about my other experience with Chinese rice HERE.

uncle d's

Penne rigate. Is the best Ummeta has ever had in her life. And she was not even kidding. It came with cheese and chicken and a tomatoes sauce to die for. While I’m not a big fan of pasta, this one had me doubting my loyalty to rice. The tomatoes sauce was legit the bomb. If you are a fan of pasta, please order this when you are there. If you are not a fan of pasta (like me) still order this while you are there, you might find yourself changing your mind. 10/10

uncle d's

Finally, let me just say, when visiting uncle D’s, please go on an empty stomach. There portions are legit big, like seriously, you will eat and have enough remaining to take home.


Finally, we had ice cream for dessert on the go. And they blessed us with cakes from Strobie (which I didn’t get to eat ) cause my brothers stole it (yes, apparently, it was so good they had to steal it and hide) but I’ll be ordering some cake from strobie before the week ends and you can order some too, just click HERE, or HERE or HERE.



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    The food looks really yummy. I wish I could get my hands on them.

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    Everything looks so yum. Guess i’ll be visiting when I’m in Abuja

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