Happy new year guys. Life continues.

Last year was a roller coaster. A year that was rough sometimes and then smooth other times. I had a lot of happy moments for which I am extremely grateful for and I had a few terrible moments for which I am still grateful for.

I did things I’d never tried before, both good and bad. Pushed myself past the limits I’d been too lazy to push past before. Arguably, I learnt far more in the past 365 days as regards my personal development than I’ve learnt in all of my life, I consciously cut people out and I began to let God in.

Cutting people out led to a dramatic change in my life towards the year end. I became more aware of my self, and even though loneliness set in and almost overwhelmed me, it didn't kill me, instead it made me stronger, I began to learn new things about my self and it even gave me the chance to fall back in love with myself.

My relationship with God is arguably better too. While I'm not yet where I would hope to be, I've made a mental decision and forged a connection with spirituality and I'm taking steps to ensure I'm able to build a better relationship with my God and have a better understanding of my religion.


Truly, 2017 was a year of enlightenment! In review, check here.

Here are a few lessons I learnt in 2017

I talked about some of them in my previous post. Some of them are obvious, and others, not so much. Hopefully, you can pick out a thing or two and also share with me a summary of your year.

My opinion counts but it may not always be right

  • While everyone is entitled to his her opinion, I've come to understand that mine may not always be the perfect one, or the right one. Consider the other persons opinion too and even if you don't agree, don't try to force your opinion on others.


  • In every situation you find yourself, be grateful. Being grateful is the first step to achieving true contentment. Be grateful for life, for friendship, for freedom and for love. Be grateful for everything. Read ways to becoming happier

Humility pays

  • No matter how big you think you have become or how much you have achieved, remaining humble is the key to staying on top and going even farther.

The Process is Art

  • Whatever I did, I didn't ignore the process. Enjoy the process. Because most of what you’ll learn is in the process, endurance, perseverance, consistency. The process was just as satisfying as the end result.

Embrace change

  • The comfort of familiarity had to be broken, and change, welcomed. Comfort is the enemy of conquering. I learned to stop choosing the easy path and make decisions that would ultimately create an exceptional life for me.

Patience is the key to success

  • I'm a very impatient person. Last year I learned that no goal worth striving for will come easy or immediately. I focused instead on the small wins and hold tight to the big picture. The time will pass quickly enough, and with perseverance and dedication, the goals will be attained.

My uniqueness is not a bad thing

  • I think differently and work differently, that is not a bad thing and I have stopped viewing it as such. There is no one in this world who is quite like me. Whatever makes you stand out, cherish it, own it, and capitalize on it. Don’t strive to blend into the crowd, fight hard to stand out.


That's it guys. Here's to hoping 2018 will be a great year of fulfillment, more discoveries and happiness.

Do share with me some of the valuable lessons you learnt in 2017 in the comment section below. Thank you for reading, until next year.


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  • Ikwo says:

    thanks for sharing Salmah, it takes courage to admit to loneliness.
    I’m glad you took note of the lessons from the whole experience, many of us are often desperately trying to make ourselves happy again or ignore what we’re feeling.
    I think you’ll always come out tops…
    Here’s to a more fulfilling 2018!

  • Debs says:

    Insightful post, Salmah. I have come to a place where I have learn humility the hard way. No matter how much we become or get to, nothing beats humility in life.

    Thanks for sharing. Cheers to an awesome 2018

  • Ash says:

    What a great post dear. It’s so true about learning to be humble. I almost overstepped that line sometime last year and I had to really call myself back! Here’s to a great 2018!

    Ash |

  • Miriam says:

    I have been waiting on this post like kilode! Truly valuable lessons you shared. It couldnt have come at a better time. Thanks Salmah, and cheers to a new year.

  • Gentle_George says:

    Indeed humility pays. Great lessons. Had to bookmark this one. ?. Keep up the positive energy sis. May your relationship with God grow stronger. More Grace. In the Bible it says in 1 Peter 5:6 "Humble yourself before the Lord and he will Lift you up in Due Time" . I strive to be humble at heart every day. Thanks for sharing. I may be Christian but learning Is beyond religion.