Yes. Plain and simple. I love to sleep naked. Its amazing, its refreshing and there are a thousand and one reasons on the internet that tell you why its so good to sleep naked. I don't see the need for Pajamas or a sleepshirt or night gowns. Once its time for bed, I wiggle out of all my clothes and jump into bed. Naked. Well, that's how I do it, up until recently, I started to feel quiet unsure and uneasy about sleeping naked. And here are a few reasons that crossed my mind.

  • ROBBERS: I'll start by adding (God forbid) first, but Nigeria is not exactly the safest place in the world right now, it's bad enough if uninvited strangers are going to break into my home (Again, God forbid) I'd rather they don't meet me naked, thank you very much.
  • PRIVACY: Because Nigerian parents have zero respect for someone's privacy. In fact, everyone in a Nigerian home have no respect for private moments. My mom knocks on my door and enters immediately, even before I actually give permission. And she does this vigilante attitude where she comes into my room at night to blow out my candles, or close the curtains or switch off the lights or something. So if the duvet slips, then she meets me naked and boy, is it awkward or what!
  • PETS: Those who know me, know I have a cat, and my cat obviously has no respect for privacy either. I wrote about my cat here. He likes to cuddle and lick me at night and we'll, I don't need to explain how weird it will be to have him lick somewhere unnecessary.
  • COLD: This might not be a problem sometimes cause it's hot as hell in our country. But during Harmattan and during those early hours of the morning, it can get a bit chilly. And sometimes, snuggling into a blanket just doesn't cut it.
  • SLEEP WALKING: I honestly don't sleep walk, lol. I don't even know how that works, but I've always had a weird irrational fear of sleep walking, what if it happens one day and I wake and walk to the kitchen naked, or worse, go outside.

These are a few of the things I started worrying about lately.

So I strongly believe that this sleepshirt from Brief essentials couldn't have arrived at a better time. (Planning on buying more in fact)


I mean, sleeping naked is great, yeah, I'm all for it. but you know what's even better? Sleeping with peace of mind in something that feels just as good as sleeping naked. maybe even better.

It's not enough that this sleepshirt is soft, big and comfortable for sleeping, (bonus points, it's long enough for you to go commando without worrying about your Ass hanging out!) it's also pretty presentable and I've worn it out two or three time and no one sued me. In fact, everyone thought it was amazing. Nothing beats stepping out in comfortable lounge wear to run some errands or meet with friends.

PS: Pictures of me in this sleepshirt where taken on different days.



Talking about brief essentials. They are an indigenous Nigerian brand that stock up on all intimates for ladies, men and children from bikinis and briefs to lounge wears and boxers to under wears to intimates accessories, they have it all. They stock only high quality pieces and at such affordable prices. So if you looking to stock up on your private collection or you have a pool day coming up or you want to get creative in the other room (if you know what I mean) or you are simply in need of one or two lounge wears, totally check out brief essentials for high quality and affordable pieces. Looking for the perfect valentines day gift? you can't go wrong with intimates. And if you need something to accompany it, check out my post on the perfect DIY gift idea.



Brief essentials also recently launched their 6k shop where you can shop everything for 6k or less. Isn't that amazing? You can shop for a similar sleepshirt on their site by clicking here or any of the highlighted links on this post. You can also check out their Instagram here. Planning on shopping on their site? Read my post where I shared tips on how to shop smartly online. And the best part is you can use my coupon code "BEADVOCATE10" at checkout out to get 10% off your purchase! Don't forget to let me in on it, when you do buy something.

So back to my question guys.. Do you sleep naked? What are the reasons for your answer?

Sleep shirt

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  • Salmah says:

    Thanks for reading Jessica! And your thoughts are so in line with mine girl!

  • Jessica@Homeaddons says:

    Hey Salmah!
    I love the idea of sleeping naked if the heat is unbearable (during summer) but other than that I mostly sleep with a silky PJs or a sleep shirt. I know the benefits of sleeping naked, but considering the 'what ifs' and pets we have, maybe not at this time 🙂

  • Amaka says:

    Lmao you're cracking me up with the talk of the cat! I like the way the post was structured, quite welcoming from the intro to the funny considerations when one sleeps naked. I could never sleep naked, at this point in my life there are things people do that still shock me. Ah! Even going to sleep without a bra is a problem for me.. I guess it's one step at a time, or no steps at all. Each to their own! Great post, great set up and great transition into talking of the brand. The sleep shirt looks quite comfy too!

  • Debs says:

    Isn't this so cute, Salmah.

    Well, I'm a huge fan of sleeping naked though. It makes me sleep well. On days I try to wear clothes to bed, I always end up removing them before day break. It just doesn't cut it for me at all a much as I try. And when I visit my parents at home, let's say all of them including my siblings are just used to it *coversface*
    Debs recently posted...Why Your Blog Needs A Mailing ListMy Profile

  • Collins Badewas says:

    I sleep naked Ohh! I cannot let the heat in Nigeria kill me. Besides, it's more convenient to roll when you're naked. On nights I decide to put on my birthday suit, I make sure I lock my door because Nigerian parents know nothing like privacy.


  • Thebudgetbella says:

    OMG!!! I need to clear my thoughts about the cat licking somewhere else…. I don’t even want to imagine…

    Great picture quality….

    I love ??