Cleanse cleanse cleanse and cleanse!

With soaps, face wash, scrubs, foams and oils.. the list of cleansing agents we all have and use in our skincare regimen is endless. And here I am now, about to talk about yet one more: Cleansing balms.

If you have never heard of it, raise your hands? And if you have and have been wondering if it's worth a try then yes, it is and I'm about to tell you why.

I first heard about the cleansing balms when I was doing my research on Korean skincare last year, I saw a cleansing balm was a staple product they used a lot since most Korean skincare routine involved double cleansing. I immediately became obsessed and wanted to own one, but I never got to actually buying simply cause I couldn't find one in-store and I just wasn't in the mood to shop for one online. Or maybe I was too broke.

Fast forward to couple weeks back I finally got my hands on one.

It's the Clinique "take the day off" cleansing balm.

I got to doing some research about my newly acquired product.

You see, some of our favorite face scrubs and washes usually contain promises of treatments and cures to several ailments which translates to, (contains acids and chemicals) some of which can strip our skin of its natural oils, which leaves it hypersensitive and dry, which according to experts causes our oil glands to go into hyper-drive and produce more sebum and boom! We have created the problems we were trying to avoid in the first place. Clogged pores, and very possibly break outs! Eww!


So apparently, the great news about cleansing balms are they are simply just that! Cleansing balms. They are not treatments or ointment of any sorts. Their sole function, is to thoroughly but gently cleanse our skin, remove makeup and dirts without over drying! The unique formula which are usually semi solid balms that melt into soothing oils clears out congested pores, and nourishes dull skin.

I bet you wish you could just eat it right!

So how do we use it to cleanse our face?

  • According to experts on the Clinique site! And my obvious expertise, having used it myself.
  • Start with clean dry hands and dry face (If you have makeup on, then that's ok, there's absolutely no need to try to wipe your makeup off first) this stuff takes care of everything from full coverage foundations to water proof mascaras to matte lipsticks. Make sure your hands are dry so you don't alter the formula before it does it's job.
    Scoop a little bit of the balm onto your hand and warm it up by rubbing it together in between your fingers. Then gently massage the balm all over your face in circular motions starting with your eye and lip area (keep your eyes closed and really rubbing in to take off all the makeup if you are wearing any)
    1. Next, soak a handkerchief or preferably a face towel in


    (warm) water and just kinda hold it on to your entire face for a minute or so (this steam loosens your makeup and stuffs, plus it feels good) Then wipe all your face completely with the towel/handkerchief. (Be gentle, the balm has already taken care of the hard stuffs)
    1. And it's as easy as that.. now you can go ahead with the steps in your skincare routine or

if you are like me

    if it's one of those days and you are too lazy or tired to go through with the whole routine, just splash a handful of cool water and your face will be left feeling instantly refreshed and clean.
    Finish by using your favorite moisturizer.

The cleansing balm is officially a staple in my routine, I love it. And even though you can use it anytime, I will stick to using it in my nighttime routine.

Tell me what your favorites cleansing products are below! And have you ever used or will you ever be open to using a cleansing balm?

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  • Aisha says:

    Never heard of a cleansing balm until just now. I usually just steam my face and then scrub and apply honey + lemon favorite or anything but it looks like I’m going to be loving this cleansing balm ?

  • Halima says:

    How did you know I wanted a beauty post? Please post a full skincare routine. My 2019 skin has to be lit.

  • Remi says:

    Honestly, I just use the same soap I use to bath to wash my face. On some weekends I use my sisters face scrub.

  • Salmah says:

    Hi Sadiyya! Thank you very much. I don’t really think it’s supposed to have any other effects asides from cleansing your face, I just started using it, will be back with a review in a bit. Thanks for reading

  • Ahmed Sadiyya says:

    I saw this in a ten step Korean skincare routine on YouTube. How effective is it?
    PS: Welcome back.