I love masks. Clay masks. Sheets masks. Gel like masks. Peel off masks. Overnight mask. And now currently mud masks.

I received this mask from naturaglowng courtesy of thebloggersadvocate a few months ago. And I really wanted to use it well before I go ahead and make any judgements.

The NATURA glow Dead Sea mud mask claims to be 100% natural mineral infused derived from the Dead Sea, which is a skin cleanser, pore reducer and helps clear acne.

This mud mask comes in a sturdy tub with a very generous amount of 250g of product.

The list of ingredients includes: Deionized water, Dead Sea mud, kaolin, Shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe Vera juice, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, hickory bark extract, calendula oil, and xanthan gum.

It is smooth & soft in texture and while I had expected a typical smell of natural mud, (I don’t even know what that is lol) the smell of this mask is a surprisingly citrusy scent. (Which is really no surprise, because of the wild list of exotic ingredients)
It came with a brush which I’ve been using to apply and applies like a dream. It’s almost therapeutic to apply!

At this point, with the list of goodies this thing claim to contain, I was ready to dive in!

The directions said to apply a thin layer to clear skin and to use not more than once a week and that’s exactly what I did.

The NATURA glow Dead Sea mud mask is cool to the skin and does not leave any prickling or tingling sensation, it does take time to dry (within 20-25 minutes) and is a glob to wash off, but I use a wet washcloth and it makes everything so much easier.

I’ve been using this for two months plus now and I swear my skin has never been better. I’m not even playing.



The powerful blend of natural ingredients the mask has, not only leaves my skin baby soft but also super moist. The dead sea mud is great in absorbing the excess oils & impurities, giving my skin an instant radiance and freshness. It also helps in fighting off blackheads around my nose and in addition to that, it removes impurities deep within my “not-so-large” pores to shrink them and reveal a bright skin beneath.

I’ve been applying this mask on my face once a week and I honestly can’t have enough. Even though I have other amazing masks in my skin care, I find myself reaching for this one more times than not.

It is worth every single penny, If you guys have difficulty maintaining a glowing complexion, I absolutely recommend grabbing the Fresh skin naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Get yours @naturaglowng

Have you ever tried a mud mask? What was your experience? What are your current favorite skincare products?

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