Well friends, it's me salmah.

It's been one hundred and twenty two days since the year 2020 began. And three hundred and six days since my last post. Why you ask me?

Salmah simply stopped caring about blogging. You see in this time and in no particular order, I've worked on numerous projects with amazing brands that I'm really proud of. I've learnt how to make frozen coffee, which is by the way, my new favorite thing ever. I went on vacation twice and traveled for fashion week with friends. Twice is the number of times I've spilled hot beverage on my thighs and nearly died and twice I've joined the gym. and quit. I've also tried a few weightless pills and the odd coffee and teas. I still love ice cream very much though, that hasn't changed. I've shared a thousand laughs with strangers and friends and cried on the bathroom floor at least a dozen times. I've made new friends and sadly part ways with an old friend. I also now own a new absolutely stunning CHANNEL purse.

Also my favourite colour has changed from yellow to pink. Although I still love yellow very much.

I've experienced something called yoni steaming and I've had numerous massages and facials, I've waxed my legs a couple times and considered getting my nipples pierced. I've attended a few parties and developed an unhealthy attachment to chocolates.

Speaking of unhealthy, I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time scouring the net comparing myself to people who are_not inherently better, or not_ than I am but are on different journeys. I have had to remind myself that I am Salmah and that's my super power. I've dealt with rising anxiety and depression, started therapy, joined a few WhatsApp groups that I surprisingly haven't muted yet. I also attended bookclub. Oh and my book.. I've taken it up maybe once or twice, and kept it back, maybe I'll take it back up now; I have time after all now, not like I didn't haven't time before, but now. I REALLY HAVE TIME.


Oh that's right, we're dealing with a pandemic and the world (at least most of it) is on a standstill right now.

I hope you are reading this at home and staying safe..


So yes, add_ I've been trying to survive a pandemic_ to the list alongside trying to juggle other crucial, annoying tasks like keeping my roots brown, finding the second pair of socks, sleeping and renovating my room to actually become liveable again.

I'm employed now. Even though we're currently not "working" I do have a job. One that I'm not particularly thrilled about, but it pays for the restaurants I so love perusing and my expensive taste in fashion. I've also been working really hard and sadly unsuccessfully at launching my fashion brand, and yup. You guessed right, the whole pandemic hasn't helped. I'm still working on it though and hopefully, when the world is right, we'll be ready.


So here I am, still dealing with acne and anxiety and still spilling beverages, and I have met yet another man, one I fear may break my heart. My YouTube channel is doing miserably and the wire of my favourite bra is now trying to murder me. In fact, I'm a mess. Bebe Rexha's song of the same name has been on repeat more times than I care to count to constantly remind me just how much of a mess I truly am.

I will say this though, I am happy. Salmah is happy, right now, in this very moment. A very happy mess. And I am back, friends, here I am.

So that’s it folks.. what bout y’all? How you doing? What have you been doing? Serve me in the comment section below..



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  • Salmah says:

    hey shuga

  • Shuga says:


  • Salmah says:

    And I’m ready to deliver!! Thanks a lot Funke

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks Rachel!! Can’t wait to have you back!!

  • Salmah says:

    Thanks sweetie

  • Funke Olotu says:

    Welcome back and I am ready for the juicy details

  • Rachel says:

    😂 Salmah I love this! Had a good laugh reading. You’ve summed up your life perfectly in such a relatively short write up! Welcome back! I want to hear about the love story! I’ll keep reading other posts! Keep going on all the projects you have! Comparison is the thief of joy! Focus on your own journey and make things happen!

  • Debs says:

    See who’s back!!! I’m here for all the tea 😁

  • Gift Collins says:

    Welcome back Salmahhhhhhh!

  • Aduni says:

    Welcome back Salmah.. Good to have you back and good to be happy.. And thanks for sharing all you've been up to with us