Back to the Bliss of Blogging: Rekindling the flame

Blogging: I am attempting to return.

Dear readers, is blogging still a thing?

Does'nt matter, because here we are.

Back to blogging. On the brink of a thrilling new chapter in my cherished corner of the internet. It's as if we're stepping back onto a familiar stage with unfamiliar timidness. Ready to paint vibrant stories across its canvas.

Salmah here

_your navigator through the twists and turns of life's narrative. If you've been wondering where I disappeared to, well, the whirlwind of life swept me away on a rollercoaster of experiences. But if you follow me on social media, then you'll know just what I mean! Anyway, fear not, for I've returned with a renewed spirit, fresh stories, and a heart full of excitement!

During my hiatus, life took me on an unexpected journey. I embarked on a transcontinental adventure that allowed me to explore new landscapes, cultures, and perspectives. I met incredible people who enriched my life in ways I couldn't have imagined.


blogging dear Salmah

As I set up roots in a different part of the world, I couldn't help but reflect on the transformative power of change. These experiences have shaped me, deepened my understanding of the world, and fueled my creative spirit.

Now, as I return to the blogosphere, I'm both scared and excited about the stories waiting to be told, the lessons to be shared, and the connections to be forged. It's like reuniting with an old friend and realizing that the bond has only grown stronger over time.

Remember those captivating tales we shared? The styles we curated, the introspection, the moments that made us ponder life's mysteries? It's time to reignite that spark and dive headfirst into a sea of inspiration once again. With a blend of empowerment, advocacy, and a touch of humor, we're about to embark on a thrilling adventure together.


Unveiling Life's Layers with blogging

Buckle up, because this relaunch is going to be a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and fearless expression. As we delve into the empowering world of feminism, we'll unravel the layers that shape the narratives of women across the globe. From dismantling stereotypes to celebrating achievements, together we'll explore the ever-evolving landscape of gender equality. Advocacy will take center stage as we dive into conversations that demand change and justice, igniting a passion for creating a better world.

Curated Chaos: Making Sense of Life's Symphony

Life, as we all know, is a symphony of chaos and beauty, a blend of highs and lows that compose the melody of our existence. And just like a skilled conductor, I'm here to curate those notes into stories that resonate with every one of you. Together, we'll navigate through the highs of empowerment, the lows of uncertainty, and everything in between, crafting a narrative that's uniquely ours.

Peek Behind the Curtain: What to Expect with Dear Salmah

Think insightful explorations of feminism's many facets. These personal anecdotes will make you laugh, cry and reflect, practical style tips to elevate your everyday look, and yes, even some modern-day dating tales that might just sound all too familiar. Get ready for a buffet of emotions, wisdom, and thought-provoking discussions that will keep you engaged, enlightened, and entertained. And even articles that will leave you feeling empowered.

Blogging dear Salmah

Let's Dive In, Shall We?

So, my dear readers, as we step back into this digital haven, I invite you to join me in unraveling these next few years. Together, we'll navigate the whirlwind of life and the pursuit of authentic joy. Whether you're a longtime follower or a newcomer to this journey, I'm thrilled to have you by my side. Welcome.


Expect posts that are not just words on a screen, but doorways to emotions, insights, and aha moments. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts that will remind you of the power you hold within, the laughter that's just around the corner, and the beauty that surrounds us. Let's embark on this adventure of words and wisdom, as we discover and rediscover ourselves, in each other, one post at a time.

With excitement and gratitude,

P.S. If you missed any of the previous chapters, you can catch up RIGHT HERE. It's a tapestry of emotions, stories, and growth that's ready to welcome you back with open arms.

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