Are you a blogger or a brand looking to partner with me to create something amazing? Collaborate and benefit from each other? Then please read on.

I believe two heads are better than one and the more the merrier. However, I will be willing to collaborate with you if

  • You have a great idea that will result in impact full and Educative content for both of us.
  • You have an idea that is related to a charitable or humanitarian cause.
  • Your idea will be beneficial to me either financially or otherwise
  • Your idea is related and in sync with the theme and aesthetics of my blog
  • You are like me and just want to have fun.

PS: I reserve the right to reject any collaboration for personal reasons

Please feel free to contact me with your idea on

I usually reply all mails within 48 hours and if you don’t get a reply from me, I must have missed it, please write to me again. Alternatively, you can contact me on social media (Instagram,Twitter, Facebook,Snapchat)