Uncle D’s Abuja Last week, I and a few blogger buddies got invited to a restaurant in Abuja called uncle D’s. I’ve been seeing the restaurant online for a while and I have been meaning to go there,most especially because, they had days in a week where they showed movies, I don’t know if it’s just me but that gave off some sort of foreign down to earth kinda vibe and it caught my attention. When I was invited to come have a taste of their food/services, I was legit excited. I went with my friends Ummeeta of ummetarabiu.com and Xahrah. It was a movie night at uncle D’s and home alone was the movie showing (in the spirit of the holiday season) We arrived at 7:00 and the movie started promptly, not even a second of delay. Before I go on to tell y’all about the restaurant, can I just take a minute and discuss the importance of adding value in businesses? Honestly, adding value is so important in this age where almost everything has been done, and is being done. When doing something, especially when its nothing new, the importance of adding value cannot be over emphasized. And that is what uncle D’s did. They added value. While you could go there and have a full course meal, you could choose to also have only breakfast or just pizza and ice cream. You can watch some of your favorite or never before seen movies. If that’s not adding value, I don’t know what is. So back to the restaurant.. Location Uncle D’s is located In the very heart of the city, at no 88 Cappador mall, Wuse. Decor Very simply, diner kind of decor. See through glass doors, small tables for two(which can be totally put together to make it bigger) longer tables by the corner (for larger groups) an open kitchen (you can literally see your food being made) I really love that idea. There’s a real cozy area too with really comfortable love chairs in case you are out for something romantic with boo. Extra note: This restaurant has a vibe I really love, it has a community kinda vibe. The kind of place where everyone is family, if you visit today, you won’t be forgotten kinda vibe. Services The service was OK, the waitress was a bit slow but the kind manager more than made…

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    REFLECTIONS It’s been almost a month since I made a post. Almost a month till the year ends.  And it’s been six months since dearsalmah went live, I’m grateful for all the friends, readers and bloggers that have stuck with me. Reflections… Something happened in this month of November that I still don’t fully understand.. I woke up, I went to work and hung out with friends, I laughed and loved and yet somehow my life was on a stand still. I was awake yet I was asleep. So my work suffered, my business suffered, my blog suffered, and my relationship suffered. Alhamdullilah, this phase didn’t last too long. I think it was my systems natural way of having an automatic reboot. A reboot I needed and refused to initiate, my system forced on me and I’m glad, cause right now, I feel so much better. Now that I can say, I’m back awake, I took some time to reflect on my 2017 and how it has gone by. In the beginning of the year, my resolution was to grow. To  make deliberate choices that will aid a visible and conscious growth in my life. To find more ways to become happier this year. And as the year is coming to an end, I want to take out time to have some reflections on these choices and really figure out how well I’ve done this year. I LET GO OF TOXIC FRIENDSHIPS Toxic friendship is something that is talked about all too often, and yet it is one of the hardest things to let go of. Identifying toxic friendships could be extremely difficult and dealing with them even more difficult. Cutting ties with toxic people, as hard as it can be, is essential to our self-care and happiness. I realized, for the sake of my mental health, taking a hard-line approach to toxic relationships was an important turning point in my attitude towards self-care. Read How to deal with body shamers I no longer had space, time or energy for people who didn’t return the love, care or support I gave to them. As a result, I had more room in my life to invite new people in; I’ve forged strong relationships with people who actually support and care for me. Ultimately, the people you associate with make or break you. That is why building community friendships is important. If…



    Hey guys, long time no see. Well, in Nigeria, harmattan is here, that means dry scalps, itchy and scaling skin and the whole annoyance that comes with the harsh dry weather. Oh for my non Nigerian reader (Oh yes, I got those) that means winter. So, anyways, with new weather comes the need for a little tweak on skincare, if not a whole change. With the weather becoming dryer, you may need a more intense moisturizer and a milder exfoliator. Some lips scrubs and balms would be great also. So how do you go about changing your skincare products effectively. There is only one rule. Time  Yep! You need to put time into serious consideration. Overhauling everything at once will overwhelm and confuse your skin. Instead of switching up everything at once. I recommend starting with one product, and giving your skin a few days or weeks to get comfortable with the change before throwing in another change. That way, you don’t overwhelm your skin and you can tell the effect of the product and be sure that the switch is good for the health of your skin. Anyway, a couple of days back, I was sent some products by puretropix.africa and I must admit, these products could not have come at a better time, just when I needed to switch some things in my skincare. And they are perfect for the season too! My package contained A gentle face mask A face moisturizer and An intense body butter. PureTropix is a natural skincare brand with products that are formulated to respect, restore, and strengthen our body’s largest and most visible organ, the skin. They collaborate with skin care professionals around the world to stay on top of and incorporate the latest proven methods and ingredients. Their products are free from color additives, harmful chemicals, and animal testing. (According to site) It doesn’t get better than this! PureTropix is originally made and packaged in Atlanta but they have recently entered into the African market, to make things easier for us over here. You can totally check them out on Instagram HERE or visit their site HERE. Anyways, in Light of all this, I will be following the rule above, and gradually switching up some of my existing skincare products for the new puretropix I just got. After a few weeks of good use, I will be back to let you guys…



    I styled this gorgeous oversized denim jacket on two different occasions and on each occasions, so many people where in love with my looks so I decided it was definitely the jacket drawing all the love towards me. This piece is from Shopekpo. An urban contemporary fashion brand that stocks unique made in Nigeria pieces. They have items ranging from shirts, t-shirts, jackets, face caps, pins, badges and so much more. 

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    The tittle of this post is meant to come off as sarcastic but I think I failed. During my blogcation, I made it a point to do stuffs and visit places I’d never been in Abuja before. At the top of my list was the zoo in Abuja. It seemed everyone I know had been. Only me. Hai! I don’t even know how comes I was always passing it. My mom told me I would love it, “you’d see giraffes and antelopes and a tortoise as big as a table” I was ecstatic! I could not wait to go. When I told my friends I’d be going and asked if they would like to come with, they tried to cramp my style saying things like “oh, that place is dead, there is nothing there” I ignored them. On Sunday, I got dressed, jumped into the car and started my journey to the amazing zoo in Abuja. My younger brother insisted on coming with so we went together. On getting there, we bought our tickets, 200 for him and 400 for me. Initially, I was too excited to take photos, I could not wait to see the amazing animals busting with life and zoo enjoyment. It’s safe to say, my friends were right. The place was in a sorry state. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The park was a park and zoo. There was a beautiful lake which reeked with neglect, it promised boat rides but there was no boat in sight, there was a playground for children, which playhouses and swings and sea saws but everything was old and dirty and rusted it made weird creaking noises when touched. I did not let my brother play on them for fear something would snap under his weight and I would see him on the ground. Everything was a mess, to be honest, the only thing that seemed to be in good shape were the grasses. There weren’t any impressive animals to be seen, and the few species they had looked like they could die any moment. The crocodile pen was a sore sight, the python was thin and didn’t even bother to move in his pit, the horses where so thin and hungry and the camel looked just about to drop any moment, the only lively animal in the whole park were the monkeys and baboons.  After a…

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    My Blogger experience Friendship in your community I’ve been in the blogging industry for just a little over a year now. My experience all this while has varied from time to time. From not having a clue as to what I was doing to feeling like a total fraud whenever I say I’m a blogger, to finally (thankfully) been comfortable and even feeling like part of the community. So what changed? How did I go from feeling like a fraud to having a spot and a voice in the community?  Friendship. I can honestly say making friends have been the number one reason I am where I am today. A more confident blogger, a more informed blogger and a happier blogger in general. Life as a 20-something year old woman living in Abuja can very easily, and very quickly, get very lonely, and before I had good blogger friends, writing my own blog and social media could feel like a solitary past time. Attending events, and even just meeting up for a spot of brunch with some fellow bloggers in the same city has made it so much easier to be social. This isn’t for just bloggers, it’s for everyone. Stay with me on this. When you are part of something, an organization or a school or an industry, it only makes sense to make friends with people within the same environment as you. If you don’t already know, here are a few reasons why.. The understanding: Bloggers reading this, show hands, how many of your non-blogger friends roll their eyes or let out a frustrated sigh every time you ask them to wait for you to take pictures of food before y’all start eating. I know that mine do! Making friends with fellow bloggers has meant I have people who just ‘get’ it. We can talk for hours about our (many) issues with Instagram, our frustrations with getting our blog content seen and the projects we’re working on. When you have friends that are passionate about the same things as you, it’s almost magical, they can understand all your frustrations and excitements and you don’t have to explain basic things to them. The push: Yes, seeing or hearing your friend yarn about achieving yet another milestone is all the incentive you need to do more. Y’all can push each other and help each other overcome fears and hurdle on the…